5 Smart Pool Equipment Upgrades

5 Smart Pool Equipment Upgrades - Pool Equipment Upgrades in Dallas

Having a swimming pool necessitates some significant financial decisions. While some pool equipment upgrades can help you save money on your monthly bills, others can actually increase them substantially and for no good reason! Pool equipment, such as heat pumps and generators for salt water pools, typically take a year or two before they begin paying off on their initial investment. Here are five swimming pool equipment upgrades that every homeowner should know about because they add better value to owning and maintaining a pool.

Equipping your pool with energy-efficient technology from the start is the most effective strategy to reduce energy usage while lowering your pool ownership utility bills, all while maintaining a low-maintenance pool. Because when your pool functions smoothly, you have more time to spend where it belongs: in the water.

5 Best Pool Equipment Upgrades You Can Make

5 Smart Pool Equipment Upgrades

#1 - Variable Speed Pump

A variable speed pump can reduce your energy bill by up to 40% to 80%. The range is mostly determined by filter system variables; the maximum benefit will be obtained by using larger 2′′ to 2.5′′ PVC piping, sweep elbows, large cartridge filters, and/or other methods to make the plumbing system as unrestrictive as feasible. As a result, the pool pump has to do less work, which reduces the motor's RPMs and amperage consumption.

#2 - Salt Water Generator

Traditional chlorine sanitization processes are fine for keep keeping your pool clean, however many consumers prefer salt water pools as a new favorite alternative. Salt systems give pool owners smoother, silkier water, make maintenance easier, and avoid the weekly headache of dealing with dirty chlorine tablets.

#3 - Gas Pool Heater

There is absolutely no denying you can heat your swimming pool faster with a gas pool heater, and it is surely faster than any other method. With a gas heater, bigger is always better because it raises the water temperature faster. This is vital if you want to install a spa adjascent to the pool or if you plan on using the pool on a regular basis.

#4 - Robotic Pool Cleaner

The simplest and most effective way to clean your pool is using a robotic pool cleaner. Robotic pool cleaners use a 24v transformer to connect to a 110v outlet. Robotic cleaners have the benefit of collecting all debris in a very fine mesh filter bag or cartridge inside the filter; no debris passes through the filter system.

#5 - Nature2

Reduce the amount of chlorine you need to use in your pool by around half. Copper, silver, and zinc are delivered into the pool via Nature 2 Express, which helps to minimize chlorine consumption. Nature2 softens the water, clarifies it, and prevents algae growth. Nature2 allows you to lower the quantity of chlorine in your pool to 0.5 ppm, which is less than half of what you'd need otherwise. This will make the water in your pool healthier and more fun to swim in.

Automatic Pool Cleaners are one of the best pool equipment upgrades pool owners choose.

Conclusion on Pool Equipment Upgrades

By far out of all the upgrades we mentioned, upgrading to a variable speed pump provides you with the best bang for the buck. After heating and air conditioning, pool pumps are often the second highest energy consumers in your home. You can save up to 90% on associated costs with a variable-speed pump, resulting in annual savings of potentially thousands of dollars.

There's no reason for pool owners spend more time and money than required in order to keep their pool in good shape, and at Pool Surgeon, we're committed to providing you with the most energy-efficient pool environment to enjoy in the most convenient way possible.

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