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Warning Signs Your Pool Equipment Needs an Upgrade

3 Warning Signs Your Pool Equipment Needs an Upgrade

Having a swimming pool necessitates some significant financial decisions, particularly when it comes to which pool equipment needs an upgrade. While some modifications can help you save money on your monthly bills, others can actually increase them. Larger pools with a lot higher end pool equipment, such as state of the art heat pumps and salt chlorination systems, typically take a year or two to start paying off the initial investment. Smart homeowners opt to make these investments because of the long-term savings running upgraded equipment provides.

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Should I Upgrade to A Variable Speed Pump? What to know about upgrading to a variable speed pool pump.

Should I Upgrade to a Variable Speed Pump?

Many homeowners worry if it's worth the time and money to upgrade to a variable-speed pump. The ability to simply turn down your pump reduces energy use, but there's more to it than that. Before you spend the money on a flashy new variable speed pool pump, find out how it can help you save money.

To keep your pool water clean, pool pumps don't have to run at max speed all of the time. In reality, when filtering water, your pump can operate at a far lower speed than when performing more demanding tasks, such as running a water feature.

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My Pool Light Is Broken... What Do I Do? Pool Lighting Repair Tips

My Pool Light is Broken... What Do I Do?

If you have a swimming pool in your backyard, odds are good you may have a pool light or multiple lights. Swimming pool lighting can enhance the attractiveness of your pool while also allowing you to use and enjoy it securely well after the sun goes down. However, you may discover that your pool light is flickering or won't turn on after a while. Typically this is the moment when most homeowners wonder if it is necessary to replace the bulb or possibly the housing itself.

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Switching to Liquid Chlorine - What You Need To Know

Should I Switch To Liquid Chlorine?

Many people are wondering if they can switch to liquid chlorine from dry chlorine tablets. There has been a lot of misunderstanding concerning the availability of chlorine in the media this pool season. Due to a number of unprecedented industry factors, trichlor tablets have been in short supply. For pool service technicians and home owners seeking for an effective approach to treat pools this swimming season, liquid chlorine offers a proven, safe, and highly effective alternative sanitizing option.

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