My Pool Light is Broken... What Do I Do?

My Pool Light Is Broken... What Do I Do? Pool Lighting Repair Tips

If you have a swimming pool in your backyard, odds are good you may have a pool light or multiple lights. Swimming pool lighting can enhance the attractiveness of your pool while also allowing you to use and enjoy it securely well after the sun goes down. However, you may discover that your pool light is flickering or won't turn on after a while. Typically this is the moment when most homeowners wonder if it is necessary to replace the bulb or possibly the housing itself.

Homeowners often wonder if it is necessary to drain their pool in order to repair a pool light. You may be shocked to hear that pool lighting repair is not a very laborious or costly job to perform. In 90% of inground pool lighting repair cases it isn't even necessary to completely lower the water level or completely drain the pool.

Pool Lighting Repair - How Much Does It Cost To Repair a Pool Light?

How Much Does It Cost To Repair a Pool Light?

An average pool light bulb retails from $50-$60, while a new gasket costs around $35-$45. Labor to perform the repair is typically $200-$250 depending on the location and complexity of the repair. In addition the cost of a new pool fixture is $300-$400.

Diagnosing What Is Wrong With Your Pool Lighting

The light fixture is a sealed glass enclosure that holds the light bulb. The glass lens is secured to the fixture with screws or a clamp, and a rubber gasket keeps it waterproof. The supply wire is likewise sealed to the fixture, which is waterproof. That is why they are referred to as "wet niches." The niche's interior isn't sealed; it's submerged.

Reasons Why Your Pool Light Isn't Working

There could be various reasons why your pool light isn't working. The most common issues can be divided into two categories. The light is either not working but has power, or it is not working but has no power. When power is still running to the pool light, the problem is much easier to deal with. This indicates that the issue is limited to the fixture or the bulb itself. The bulb or the entire fixture must be replaced as a corrective step. A bulb can be far less expensive than the entire fixture, so that's often what we look at first. If it's decided that you need a new fixture, one must be acquired that is identical to the one you now have. The light fixture should be matched to the wall niche.

There are a few common things that go wrong with pool lights that can cause them from functioning properly and diagnosing the reason isn't always so cut and dry. You may have a leak if there is water in the fixture itself. A faulty lens gasket, which is a rubber seal between the lens and the housing, is generally to blame. This could, however, be due to the conduit seal deteriorating with time. Unfortunately, each of these problems are things you should not try and tackle repairing yourself depsite what many DIY guides and friendly bloggers mell tell you.

Dallas Pool Light Repair Service - Pool Surgeon Offers Expert Advice

Pool Lighting Repair is Not a Good DIY Project

If you have a pool light out, you may be tempted to perform the repair work yourself. While although pool lighting repair isn't exactly rocket science, we still  highly advise homeowners against trying to perform DIY repairs to their lighting. Unless you are a licensed electrician, this is a job best left to the professionals.

The pool service technicians at Pool Surgeon are qualified to make these types of repairs. This could involve determining if there is a short circuit and checking whether the GFCI has been tripped. Once on site we are able to quickly remove and repair a broken pool lighting fixture.

Why Don't Most Pool Service Companies Repair Pool Lights?

Most pool service companies prefer not to offer pool lighting repair simply because of how often pool lighting fixtures leak. There are a number of reasons this can happen, but the most common cause is from swimmers kicking off the lighting fixture and causing it to loosen over time. This in itself can cause repeat calls from homeowners wondering why the problem has reoccurred. The call back percentage on these types of repairs is high, consequently many repair companies opt not to offer this service. Pool Surgeon is one of the few pool service companies in Dallas that does provide pool lighting repair service.


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