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How Does Pool Leak Detection Work? - Dallas Pool Leak Detection Service - Pool Surgeon Explains Pool Leak Detection

How Does Pool Leak Detection Work?

How does pool leak detection work and where are the most typical spots you may find a pool leak? Pool owners that think that they may have a leak typically ask these questions and more. Pool leaks are one of those mysterious problems that can occur in a variety of different locations, so locating the source of where yours is coming from can take some doing and a little bit of effort. However, these three top leak sources are usually where you can expect to find a pool leak

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Pool Inspections in Dallas, Fort Worth, Plano Texas - Get a Pool Inspection if You Buy a Home With a Pool

Get a Pool Inspection If You Buy a Home With a Pool

Is a pool inspection necessary if you are buying a home? Experts say absolutely. Homes with pools are going for a premium right now. Covid-19 caused an immediate increase in the demand for pools. Consequently, buyers are looking for a home with the right amount of property for a swimming pool or in most cases, an existing home with a pool already in the backyard. These homes are high in demand according to Realtors.

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Pool Surgeon provides Commercial Pool Repairs. We offer Pool Equipment Repairs in Dallas

Commercial Pool Repairs in Dallas / Fort Worth

Commercial pools and spas frequently have different requirements than a typical residential pool. Commercial swimming pools will require frequent maintenance and repairs due to higher bather loads and more frequent usage. Water cleanliness is important, and this is especially true for your guests and customers who plan to use your commercial pool. Plano, TX based Pool Surgeon provides maintenance and repairs for commercial pools in the Dallas / Fort Worth area to ensure a worry free ownership.

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Emergency Pool Repairs in Dallas, TX - Plano, TX Pool Repairs - Fort Worth, TX Pool Repair Comopany

Emergency Pool Repairs

Emergency pool repairs can come out of nowhere. If you have a swimming pool, you will almost certainly require the services of a professional pool repair expert at some point in time. Repairing a swimming pool can be a simple task that entails little more than just replacing a skimmer or a filter. This is why it is strongly advised that you engage a professional, experienced pool repair service to come out and assess whether your pool repair is a quick and simple low-cost fix, or a more involved pool repair project.

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5 Smart Pool Equipment Upgrades - Pool Equipment Upgrades in Dallas

5 Smart Pool Equipment Upgrades

Having a swimming pool necessitates some significant financial decisions. While some pool equipment upgrades can help you save money on your monthly bills, others can actually increase them substantially and for no good reason! Pool equipment, such as heat pumps and generators for salt water pools, typically take a year or two before they begin paying off on their initial investment. Here are five swimming pool equipment upgrades that every homeowner should know about because they add better value to owning and maintaining a pool.

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Why Invest in a New Pool Heater?

Why Invest in a New Pool Heater?

In Texas, there is no substitute for a good swimming pool heater. Investing in the right pool heater can help extend your family's swimming season by several months, allowing you to swim well into the fall in Dallas.

You'll never have to jump into a chilly pool again if you can control the water temperature. If your pool has an inground spa, you'll be able to rapidly heat it up for hot, relaxing hydrotherapy after a long hard day. Swimming pool heaters these days are designed to provide you with years of dependable, efficient service. However, like all pool equipment, the unit will ultimately wear out and need to be replaced.

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Keep Your Pool From Freezing With These Helpful Tips

What Can We Learn To Keep Pool Equipment From Freezing?

Last year we had unprecedented demand for swimming pools followed by shortages brought on by manufacturers scaling back production for essential pool equipment and supplies. To complicate matters, a winter storm hit Texas with a deep freeze that caused damage to pool equipment in thousands of backyards across the state. If that moment taught us anything, it's that an ounce of preparation is worth a pound of cure. Preparing your pool equipment for inclimate weather can sometimes help you avoid big headaches later on.

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The Truth About Salt Water Pools - Pros & Cons of Maintaining a Salt Water Pool

The Truth About Salt Water Pools

Learn about the benefits and drawbacks of owning and maintaining a saltwater pool so that you can make an informed decision about whether it's a suitable fit for your home. Owning a salt water pool has some pros and cons and which we will discuss.

Many people believe that the water in a saltwater pool will be identical to that of the ocean, but this is not the case. A saltwater pool has much less salt than sea water, approximately ten times less salt if you want to know the truth. This is why it's critical that the proper salt amount be maintained in order for the pool to remain clean and clear.

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