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Ways To Lower Your Electricity Bill With A Pool - Electrical Meter In The Backyard

Ways To Lower Your Electricity Bill With a Pool

Energy saving is a major topic everywhere, but it's especially important in Dallas, where costs are high and pools are common. That's because pools take a lot of energy; in fact, the pool pump is only second to the air conditioner in terms of energy consumption, and because pools are used almost all year, the quantity of energy consumed is larger than in other parts of the country. Furthermore, the cost of a kilowatt hour in Dallas is 12.03 ¢/kWh, which ranks it among some of the highest rates in the state of Texas.

Pool owners, on the other hand, do have alternatives for saving money on electricity, which is the good news. Some energy-saving techniques necessitate the purchase of new equipment, but given the amount of money saved on power bills over time, these techniques are well worth considering.

The following are the most effective strategies to lower your pool's energy use while still enjoying it and preventing it from becoming swamp water:

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