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Ways To Lower Your Electricity Bill With A Pool - Electrical Meter In The Backyard

Ways To Lower Your Electricity Bill With a Pool

Energy saving is a major topic everywhere, but it's especially important in Dallas, where costs are high and pools are common. That's because pools take a lot of energy; in fact, the pool pump is only second to the air conditioner in terms of energy consumption, and because pools are used almost all year, the quantity of energy consumed is larger than in other parts of the country. Furthermore, the cost of a kilowatt hour in Dallas is 12.03 ¢/kWh, which ranks it among some of the highest rates in the state of Texas.

Pool owners, on the other hand, do have alternatives for saving money on electricity, which is the good news. Some energy-saving techniques necessitate the purchase of new equipment, but given the amount of money saved on power bills over time, these techniques are well worth considering.

The following are the most effective strategies to lower your pool's energy use while still enjoying it and preventing it from becoming swamp water:

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Pool Surgeon provides Commercial Pool Repairs. We offer Pool Equipment Repairs in Dallas

Commercial Pool Repairs in Dallas / Fort Worth

Commercial pools and spas frequently have different requirements than a typical residential pool. Commercial swimming pools will require frequent maintenance and repairs due to higher bather loads and more frequent usage. Water cleanliness is important, and this is especially true for your guests and customers who plan to use your commercial pool. Plano, TX based Pool Surgeon provides maintenance and repairs for commercial pools in the Dallas / Fort Worth area to ensure a worry free ownership.

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5 Smart Pool Equipment Upgrades - Pool Equipment Upgrades in Dallas

5 Smart Pool Equipment Upgrades

Having a swimming pool necessitates some significant financial decisions. While some pool equipment upgrades can help you save money on your monthly bills, others can actually increase them substantially and for no good reason! Pool equipment, such as heat pumps and generators for salt water pools, typically take a year or two before they begin paying off on their initial investment. Here are five swimming pool equipment upgrades that every homeowner should know about because they add better value to owning and maintaining a pool.

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Keep Your Pool From Freezing With These Helpful Tips

What Can We Learn To Keep Pool Equipment From Freezing?

Last year we had unprecedented demand for swimming pools followed by shortages brought on by manufacturers scaling back production for essential pool equipment and supplies. To complicate matters, a winter storm hit Texas with a deep freeze that caused damage to pool equipment in thousands of backyards across the state. If that moment taught us anything, it's that an ounce of preparation is worth a pound of cure. Preparing your pool equipment for inclimate weather can sometimes help you avoid big headaches later on.

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Warning Signs Your Pool Equipment Needs an Upgrade

3 Warning Signs Your Pool Equipment Needs an Upgrade

Having a swimming pool necessitates some significant financial decisions, particularly when it comes to which pool equipment needs an upgrade. While some modifications can help you save money on your monthly bills, others can actually increase them. Larger pools with a lot higher end pool equipment, such as state of the art heat pumps and salt chlorination systems, typically take a year or two to start paying off the initial investment. Smart homeowners opt to make these investments because of the long-term savings running upgraded equipment provides.

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Should I Upgrade to A Variable Speed Pump? What to know about upgrading to a variable speed pool pump.

Should I Upgrade to a Variable Speed Pump?

Many homeowners worry if it's worth the time and money to upgrade to a variable-speed pump. The ability to simply turn down your pump reduces energy use, but there's more to it than that. Before you spend the money on a flashy new variable speed pool pump, find out how it can help you save money.

To keep your pool water clean, pool pumps don't have to run at max speed all of the time. In reality, when filtering water, your pump can operate at a far lower speed than when performing more demanding tasks, such as running a water feature.

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