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5 Smart Pool Equipment Upgrades - Pool Equipment Upgrades in Dallas

5 Smart Pool Equipment Upgrades

Having a swimming pool necessitates some significant financial decisions. While some pool equipment upgrades can help you save money on your monthly bills, others can actually increase them substantially and for no good reason! Pool equipment, such as heat pumps and generators for salt water pools, typically take a year or two before they begin paying off on their initial investment. Here are five swimming pool equipment upgrades that every homeowner should know about because they add better value to owning and maintaining a pool.

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The Truth About Salt Water Pools - Pros & Cons of Maintaining a Salt Water Pool

The Truth About Salt Water Pools

Learn about the benefits and drawbacks of owning and maintaining a saltwater pool so that you can make an informed decision about whether it's a suitable fit for your home. Owning a salt water pool has some pros and cons and which we will discuss.

Many people believe that the water in a saltwater pool will be identical to that of the ocean, but this is not the case. A saltwater pool has much less salt than sea water, approximately ten times less salt if you want to know the truth. This is why it's critical that the proper salt amount be maintained in order for the pool to remain clean and clear.

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